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I founded Tabunka (ta-boon-ka) Training with the goal of strengthening complex teams because I envision a world where people work together to overcome seemingly intractable problems. My work is all about supporting people that are engaged in diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice work. What kind of support do you need? - Mariko Gilman, Founder

Mariko is skilled at group facilitation, DEI project management, inclusive training and experiential learning design and individual coaching. She specializes in topics related to race and systems of oppression, intercultural communication and team dynamics.

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"The training was completely on point.  Not only was it eye opening for our faculty members, but Mariko ended the training helping us make specific action steps for the future.  I am pleased to say that the faculty took the principles learned during our training and completely redesigned our admission interview criteria to help eliminate bias.  At least from appearance (and we know diversity is more than what you can see), we admitted the most diverse class in our history!"

- Pacific University, School of Dental Hygiene

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