Tabunka-Kyosei means "many cultures living together". Tabunka  (ta-boon-ka) Training's consulting and learning opportunities equip you to live out your values for equity and inclusion so that we can live well, together.

Founder of Tabunka Training LLC, Mariko Gilman, wants to walk with you on your journey to self-awareness, positive action and community wellbeing through the following:


"The training was completely on point.  Not only was it eye opening for our faculty members, but Mariko ended the training helping us make specific action steps for the future.  I am pleased to say that the faculty took the principles learned during our training and completely redesigned our admission interview criteria to help eliminate bias.  At least from appearance (and we know diversity is more than what you can see), we admitted the most diverse class in our history!"

- Pacific University, School of Dental Hygiene, 2019


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