Tabunka Training embodies the following values. As a client you will be encouraged to join us in embracing these practices and perspectives:


Show up, be seen, and be brave.


Allow for failure in yourself and others. No one is perfect. We are each on our own journey.


Listen to learn, listen with empathy, be curious about other perspectives.


We are each responsible for our own learning and the impact of our actions.




  • Engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate trainer.

  • Inclusive, empathetic facilitator, skilled at listening and guiding complex dialogues. 

  • Ten years experience working with diverse and multicultural groups.

  • Collaborative, relational, efficient professional.

As a graduate of SIT Graduate Institute (MA, International Education) and the University of British Columbia (BA, History), my training philosophy is grounded in experiential and adult learning theory, with an emphasis on the development of effective intercultural communication. Nearly a decade of working in the international education sector has deepened my passion for developing effective multicultural teams and taught me invaluable lessons about working across difference. Prior to founding Tabunka Training I spent time coordinating international student recruitment events with colleagues in 16 different countries, designed local professional development opportunities for US State Department exchange program participants from dozens of countries around the world, and conducted pre-departure training for global service interns at a faith-based organization. I have worked in both Canada and the US, volunteered for 5 months in South Africa, spent a summer working in England and have traveled extensively.

I founded Tabunka Training with the goal of strengthening teams because I envision a world where people excel at working across their differences to achieve great things. The name "Tabunka Training" pays homage to my own mixed Japanese Anglo Canadian heritage and refers to the concept of "tabunka kyosei," a phrase broadly understood as "multiculturalism" in Japanese. Because of both my professional background, and my personal perspective as a mixed race immigrant, I bring a multicultural lens to all my work.

Photo Credit: Nate Meeds



Team building workshops on cross cultural communication, influence and team dynamics and reducing bias in School of Dental Hygiene admissions processes and practices.

Unconscious bias and history of race in the US training, dialogue around race, giving and receiving feedback and diversity and inclusion facilitation and training.

Vocational discipleship and career services consulting including internship and service learning curriculum and program design, meeting facilitation, and mixed-race identity class instruction.

Board meeting facilitation, mixed-race identity development dialogue and training, women's retreat event planning and facilitation.


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