Do you need support to meet your diversity, equity and inclusion goals? Mariko Gilman is available for custom consultations related to reducing implicit bias in workplace systems, creating inclusion and belonging, anti-racism education and training and more! Send your questions and project requests to:



Uncovering and Undoing your Unconscious Biases:

Do you want to know what your implicit biases are? Are you looking for someone to ask your questions to and a partner to walk alongside you in your journey as you wrestle with hard questions? Do you crave accountability and dialogue?

If you answered yes, and are committed to learning and engaging in the emotional and mental transformative work of understanding and challenging their biases, staying the course even when it gets hard - we should talk!

My blended model combines both training and coaching so that clients walk away empowered with new knowledge as well as the confidence to apply and integrate it into their lives. Email today for a complimentary introduction to a coaching and learning plan:

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